Features & Benefits:

A unique blend of lanolin formulated for it’s benefits as an environmentally friendly, non toxic film that works as a water displacing, lubricating, penetrating, and protective fluid for a wide range of multi-purpose applications.

Uses: Penetrates, Protects and Lubricates, Displaces and Repels

Machinery - Cars - Boats - Chains - Cables - Hand Tools - Seized Bolts - Rusted Metal Parts - Firearms - Moving Parts & Components

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  • Outboard Motors

  • Wet Ignitions

  • Electrical Equipment




Fleece Grease Aerosol

Aerosol form Fleece Grease dries to a fine film. Water displacer, penetrator and lubricant. Provides lanolins famous corrosion protection. For use on ferrous and non-ferrous materials and many other surfaces.

350g Aerosol - M855

Fleece Grease Gold

Extra strength lubricant for heavy duty applications, contains more waxes making for more water resistance and leaves a thicker film. Excellent anti-corrosive protectant and lubricant. NON TOXIC TYPE “C” LUBRICANT - FOOD GRADE APPROVAL CATEGORY “12”.

750ml trigger - M847

5L - M848

20L - M849

Fleece Grease LGX

Molytec Fleece Grease LGX is a thick, tacky, lanolin grease with high load capabilities. Highly water resistant, an excellent anti-corrosive, thread anti-seize and general lubricant. FOOD GRADE APPROVED CATEGORY “10” - TYPE  “A” LUBRICANT.

250g tub - M842

1L tub - M843

4L tub - M844

20L tub - M845