Slip Slide & Glide

A dry film lubricant with resin-bonded PTFE that provides a thin film of fast-drying lubrication. Molytec’s Slip Slide & Glide provides lubrication for life in many cases. It inhibits corrosion, resists contamination and does not wash away with water. It leaves a non-staining thin film that prevents sticking, reducing wear & friction. 

200g Aerosol - M841


Molytec’s Multi-Lube is a multi-purpose lubricant that sprays on as a liquid which then sets to a tacky grease.

Multi-Lube is designed to penetrate into those hard to lubricate places. Ideally suited on boat trailers,  chains, cables, garage doors and farm and marine equipment.

350g Aerosol - M834

Chain & Cable Lube

A molybdenum disulphide based lubricant. A non - fling, water resistant, extreme pressure lubricant for protection on chains, linkages, cables, wire ropes, sprockets, open gears, hoists, conveyors, fork lifts, tractors and farm equipment. It is highly recommended in marine and mining environments.

350g Aerosol - M836

White Spray Grease

A specially formulated aluminium complex food-grade grease designed to give lubrication and protection.

It is water resistant and contains rust and oxidation inhibitors.

350g Aerosol - M854


Molytec’s Air Drying Film is pure molybdenum disulphide in an air-drying bonding resin. This fast drying lubricant withstands high loads, provides corrosion protection and with its easy application, ADF is well qualified to coat surfaces where oils and grease cannot be used.

350g Aerosol - M800




Non-chlorinated - A blend of solvents which will safely remove grease, oil and brake fluid from brake drums & linings. Molytec Non - Chlorinated Brake & Parts Cleaner can safely be used in situations where chlorinated solvents may cause issues.

350g Aerosol - M907


Non-flammable - Formulated to quickly dissolve and remove heavy build up of grease, oil, dirt and wax from electric motors, mechanical components, starters, alternators. Molytec Electric Component Cleaner is non - flammable and Ozone safe.

400g Aerosol - M837


Molytec Heavy Duty Degreaser is a concentrated, solvent-based spray-on and hose-off degreaser formulated to dissolve baked-on oil, dirt, dust and grime, leaving a revitalised surface.

400g Aerosol - M909


The perfect streak free, fast acting industrial strength Glass Cleaner that is easy to use, simply spray on and wipe off. Also suitable for use on mirrors, chrome and stainless steel. Molytec Glass Cleaner quickly removes smudges and smoke build up.

500g Aerosol - M809


A fast drying, non - corrosive, non - staining cleaning solvent that evaporates completely. Ideal for removing contaminants from sensitive electrical and electronic parts. Safe on most plastics. Molytec Contact Cleaner is lubricant free and leaves no residue. Ideal for cleaning: Circuit Breakers, Printed Circuit Boards, Relays, Switches, Connectors, Terminal Plugs and Jacks

300g Aerosol - M866



A high strength, heavy-duty penetrating and releasing fluid for use on heavily corroded nuts, bolts and machinery parts. Liquid Spanner works quickly to penetrate and loosen assemblies that are contaminated with rust, tar, grease and carbon deposits.

400g Aerosol - M890


Chrome Cote is a high quality paint formulated to provide a brilliant, chrome-like finish that is durable for both interior and exterior surfaces.

Suitable for use on cars, trucks, bikes, furniture etc.

400g Aerosol - M878


Supa Squirt is a powerful water dispersing, lubricating and penetrating fluid containing P.T.F.E.

Protects machinery, toys, guns, fishing tackle etc. Disperses water, lubricates and loosens nuts, bolts etc.

400g Aerosol - M830


Aero Spark is a unique blend of chemicals that contains 25% ether to assist in starting petrol or diesel engines, even in the most difficult weather conditions.

It helps to reduce excessive battery drain, and contains an upper cylinder lubricant and corrosion inhibitor.

350g Aerosol - M893



Zinc Cote galvanising spray is a high quality, zinc rich coating that contains 93% ultra pure zinc dust by weight in the dried film.This bonds to clean iron or steel surfaces to provide maximum protection against corrosion and rust creepage. A weld-through primer that can be powder coated. Molytec Zinc Cote is suitable for a variety of applications in automotive, marine, industrial, steel and mining industries.  

450g Aerosol - M817


Silvagal Cote is an industrial strength, anti-corrosive bright silver coating for use on hot dipped galvanised steel products. Molytec Silvagal Cote gives a tough and durable finish with the appearance of newly dipped galvanised steel. 

400g Aerosol - M892



Black n’ Zinc

DCM Black n Zinc is an industrial strength, fast drying black coating to provide greater protection against rust and corrosion, and provides a long lasting top coat finish.

Black n Zinc is suitable for use in workshops, garages, metal fabrication and welding, and any industrial structure that needs protection from the elements.

400g Aerosol - D1006


DCM Quick Zinc is an aerosol Zinc-enriched primer that enables a fast drying, anti-corrosive coating to be applied to metal surfaces.

This provides a protective & durable coating for all types of metal including galvanised pipe, fencing, roofing, wrought iron, gates etc. It’s also suitable as a weld-through primer and can be powder coated when dry. Quick Zinc uses a 99% purity zinc dust, and the dry film contains 83% zinc.

360g Aerosol - D1001

Silva n’ Zinc

Silva n Zinc is a fast drying, industrial strength 100% epoxy coating designed to protect steel against corrosion, at the same time giving a gloss silver appearance to the painted surface.

Silva n Zinc gives corrosion resistance through both barrier protection sacrificial protection via the presence of zinc. Silva n Zinc uses a 99% purity zinc dust. Silva n Zinc is ideal to touch up and coat hot dipped gal structures and is suitable for use on all types of substrates.

400g Aerosol - D1005